The real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people, foreign bonds of brotherhood that no tyranny can diminish. - Edward M. Kennedy (February 1972, Dhaka)


EMK MakerLab Ist Anniversary Programming

EMK MakerLab's first anniversary programme was held on November 7, 2015. The programme consisted of talk session from 5 young entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. Topics were 'Entrepreneur Idea & Prototype' by Imran Ahmed, 'Career in Robotics' by Rakib Reza, 'Career in Graphics Engineering' by Abdullah Sarfaraz Yeaseen, 'Youth... ..Read more

Environment is the New Cool

EMK Makerlab in Collaboration with Hopefools organized the event "Environment is the New cool". Participants submitted photos for an exhibition that took place during this event. In addition to the exhibiton, environmentalists were invited to give speech regarding improvement of the environment to encourage the youth. The... ..Read more

EMK Makerlab Launching Event

EMK Center launched EMK MakerLab on November 7, 2015. EMK MakerLab is dedicated to empower Students and Entrepreneurs to Invent the Future. The objective of MakerLab was to introduce new tools and techniques to launch businesses, learn vital skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). EMK... ..Read more