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Please submit the listed documents in a ‘SINGLE PDF’ file with the mail Subject: ‘YOUR NAME – COURSE NAME – EMK MAKER LAB COURSE TRAINER’ to [email protected] complete the application process after submitting this form:

  1. 1. Programme/Course Outline
  2. 2. Hour wise details of the workshop
  3. 3. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. 4. Scanned copy of your National ID / Govt. Provided ID / Passport / Other Photo ID
  5. 5. Scanned copy of your EMK Membership card (Skip if you don’t have one)
  6. 6. Scanned copy of your relevant course certificate (Skip if you don’t have one)
  7. 7. Scanned copy of your last formal education certificate (Skip if you don’t have one)
  8. 8. Letter of Recommendation from your previous similar job (Skip if you don’t have one)
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