The real foreign policy of America is citizen to citizen, friend to friend, people to people, foreign bonds of brotherhood that no tyranny can diminish. - Edward M. Kennedy (February 1972, Dhaka)


EMK MakerLab is an innovation platform for youth, where they can make their innovative Idea into reality by utilising Makerlab Resources.


Rules of Uses :

  • -Users will refrain from any behaviour that are immoral, unethical, and do not break any laws.
  • -User Acknowledges that the MakerLab and it’s surroundings are utilised by community of students, researcher, artist. as such courteous, professional and responsible behaviour is expected all the time.
  • -If you are found guilty of negligible using MakerLab equipment(s) you would be banned from all american space
  • -The safety and security of personal belongings and other materials brought it remains the responsibility of the party concerned. EMK Center cannot be held responsible for any item that goes missing.
  • -Smoking ,consumption of any contraband substance and elements that are banned by the Bangladesh Government is forbidden at the EMK.
  • -EMK Center staff and guests must be treated with respect;
  • -The EMK Center is a public space and a working space, please behave accordingly (disturbing levels of noise and other disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated)
  • -EMK Center reserves the rights to cancel/change any booking with prior notice.
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